Case Studies


Envision provides the healthcare industry counsel on federal and state government relations. Envision boasts bi-partisan capabilities with extensive experience in the healthcare arena in both Washington, DC, and Albany, NY. Our professionals hail from the fields of business and politics, from both chambers of Congress, state legislatures, and both sides of the aisle. In such a heavily regulated industry, our client work is multifaceted, taking advantage of federal and state programming that can provide funding while minimizing the impact of the regulatory regime with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the New York State Department of Health, and the New York State Legislature.  We offer customized consulting solutions to the industry. Because we work with different entities in the industry, our firm has to be consistently creative to insure success. We have worked to minimize regulatory burdens and created opportunities for improved financials for clients by orchestrating and helping to implement:

  • ACO (Population Management) Strategies
  • Episode-based Payment Initiatives
  • State Procurement Victories to Dramatically Expand Service Delivery
  • Primary Care Transformation
  • Initiatives Focused on Dual-Eligible Patients
  • Accelerated Development of New Payment and Delivery Models
  • EMR Initiatives and Incentives and Health Information Exchanges
  • Successful Federal Grant Applications

Higher Education

Envision provides Higher Education counsel on federal grants, Congressionally directed spending, public-private partnerships, and communications strategies. Our professionals come from the field of academia and Congress from both chambers and both sides of the aisle.  Our work is focused on two goals, impacting higher education policy and creating funding opportunities for clients. Envision is one of the few firms in Washington with the ability to see an opportunity in higher education from all sides, speaking to our shared experience with every part of the process from professors and administrators, to Members of Congress and the executive branch.

Federal and State Grants

Envision Strategy has a unique entrepreneurial grants practice focused on convening public private partnerships and leveraging public funding to deliver solutions greater than the sum of their parts.   Counting on a broad network of professionals as a consulting resource, we lead clients through the federal and state grants process providing strategy, advocacy, research, preparation and submission of professional grant applications.