Our Story

Envision is hands-on.
We believe direct involvement is the most effective way to represent the needs of our clients, develop
comprehensive strategies and execute them effectively. Our firm prides itself on transparency and accountability
and each of our consultant’s expertise is leveraged for every client. Our clients are engaged every step of the way,
beginning with a strategic planning session, to ensure alignment with your goals.
This collaborative approach is the hallmark of Envision.

We are experienced.
With consultants having served as Members of Congress, Chiefs of Staff on both sides of the aisle,
both sides of the Capitol, and in state government, we have the requisite experience to deliver.
However, our goal is to strive above the expected. We also boast communications, economic development,
federal procurement, legal, and financial experience that we leverage to deliver unique solutions to clients that
expand past traditional lobbying to solve problems creatively and effectively. While keeping retainers
economically feasible, we combine these skills as needed on every client.

We represent an exclusive list of clients.
Our clients are integrated into our network of deep relationships and benefit from core areas of expertise.
With every relationship we bring effective and ethical representation and opportunity for success. Envision only
works with clients who share our ethical compass and the same commitment to delivering success in their
respective fields. Because of this, we avoid conflicts and do not overburden our team members, or network,
with “work for the sake of work.”