Government Marketing and Procurement

Government Marketing and Procurement

The U.S. federal market is often perceived as a perplexing web of regulations and closed door opportunities with large promises and abundant challenges. Given Envision’s unique mix of in-house sales and consultant experience, we have built a successful track record advising clients on creating their public sector market opportunities.

In response to a growing need to create large and steady revenue streams from public sector business opportunities, Envision has brought together a group of seasoned professionals to advise our private sector clients. This team has the vision to harness the politics of Capitol Hill, the understanding of agency missions and experience with federal acquisitions, to deliver comprehensive federal marketing strategies.

While many lobbying and public relations firms have rebranded their work with Government Marketing label, Envision has taken the time to develop the expertise and professional relationships needed to be successful for our clients. Our past victories for clients include:

  • Implementation of comprehensive federal agency and political strategies to insure a competitive advantage for a major software and communication company;
  • Development of a comprehensive federal sales strategy from the ground up for a major homeland security contractor, culminating with federal contracts in the tens of millions of dollars; and
  • Expansion and protection of a public sector consulting practice focused on the reauthorization of major social services legislation and state lobbying.

With decades of advising clients on the inside operations of Washington, Envision is well positioned to decode the government market for our corporate clients and our team stands ready to help your business chart a path for success with the federal government.