Healthcare policy and regulations are constantly changing.  It is a never-ending process to keep up and prepare for regulatory and policy changes at federal level.  Our team works with clients across the healthcare spectrum to maintain awareness and promulgate change to existing and proposed changes to healthcare policy and regulations.

Our team works with the White House, legislators and agency officials and career staff to find success for our clients. Our team has successfully worked with hospitals, home care agencies, medical device manufacturers, insurance companies and others to:

  • Stop or change proposed regulations that would be harmful to the industry.
  • Insert language in proposed health care legislation to benefit the industry.
  • Make changes to existing regulations and law that benefit the industry.

Our team includes former elected officials, staff and experts who have worked in the healthcare industry for decades.  Our team is well versed in the Affordable Care Act as well as other major policy and regulations related to health care.

Additionally, our team has worked with health care providers to streamline services and payment models to benefit their bottom line by taking advantage of demonstration projects and specific changes in law.  This is an ability that few, if any, other government relations firms can provide.