Federal Grants


Envision has assembled a team to lead clients through the federal grants process, providing strategy, advocacy, writing, and submission of professional grant applications. Our team has, or currently, works in federal and state government and possess extensive experience in federal grants strategy, writing and the right kind of advocacy. This team is multidisciplinary, leveraging deep experience to win funding for our clients across the federal agencies.

While many firms simply monitor and provide limited guidance on strategy, Envision talks to agency Program Directors, Grants Officers, and Agency leadership understanding their mission, how and when our clients should be prepared, and what winning bids look like. Our firm is able to deliver these key insights as many of our writing team have worked as peer reviewers for federal agencies previously or inside key agencies as federal employees.  Our team has consistently delivered value on:

  • Housing
  • Workforce Development
  • Transportation
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Public Safety
  • Economic Development

Typically, we combine these serves as part of an overall government affairs solution, comprised of advocacy, strategy, and technical writing.