James Thompson

James Thompson has more than twenty years of political experience as a successful consultant, campaign operative, grass roots organizer and legislative staffer, representing clients before local governments, New York State government and the Federal government, providing access to GOP leadership, the Trump Administration and federal agencies. 

Thompson conceptualized and executed a digital campaign platform translating in over 700,000 impressions on social media for the Presidential campaign. During this same cycle, he also worked closely with Chairman of the National Republican Campaign and the political team to run a $1.4 million-dollar field program successfully protecting every incumbent in New York State for the first time in a Presidential election year since 1984. 

Thompson is also responsible for millions of dollars in purchase orders and procurement of private sector business and a variety of businesses. He also has an extensive background in tech procurement as well as tech sales in New York and county governments. Thompson is blessed to have gone to all 62 counties in the state of New York and to have strong relationships in each county. He also has a robust local government practice that helps county governments find vendors and provide 21st century solutions to everyday county problems.