Organized Labor

Envision boasts a multifaceted Labor practice directly representing Unions at the local, coalition and international levels, as well as working with businesses building partnerships and commercial activities with labor unions.

We represent labor unions on all facets of political matters, policy issues and state and federal legislation.   We enjoy deep ties across the labor movement, having worked with multiple unions to deliver project funding, legal counsel, workforce development dollars and political advocacy services for decades.  

In parallel, we represent, advise and provide strategic counsel to private sector enterprises, corporations and organizations that need assistance understanding and interfacing with Labor both at the state and local union level, as well as with international unions, principally headquartered in Washington, DC.  

We extend these service offerings to elected officials, political candidates, and public sector clients who have the need for unmatched strategic and tactical counsel.  Additionally, we advise and manage Government Affairs programs for international labor unions in various state jurisdictions around the country.

Some recent successes: 

  • Assisted a large international union in the development and implementation of an innovative and modern Political Action Committee (PAC) management strategy which resulted in substantial cost savings and effectiveness for union leadership and members.
  • Provided in-depth counsel and strategic advisory services to a major healthcare organization, unlocking insight to union operations and establishing key benchmarks for labor negotiations.
  • Successfully developed and implemented engagement strategy for a private vendor to build a corporate relationship with labor and develop custom products and services for the labor market on the municipal, state and international union levels.
  • Provided comprehensive advice and guidance with respect to the New York State Department of Labor and new public policies directly impacting the labor sector.
  • Prepared and delivered detailed analysis and both strategic and tactical recommendations to a senior New York State labor leader, significantly increasing the union’s involvement in the political process and insuring that state and federal elected officials are held accountable to union policy goals.
  • Connected Federal congressional candidates and Members of Congress directly to the labor movement, opening a dialogue and building a positive campaign and political relationship with the House of Labor.
  • Envision has worked with organized labor to help understand and access federal support and regulation directly related to Covid-19 response.