Public Private Partnership

Public Private Partnership

Envision Strategy has a unique entrepreneurial grants and fundraising practice focused on convening public private partnerships (P3) and leveraging public funding to deliver solutions greater than the sum of their parts.

Counting on over 20 professionals as a writing and consulting resource, we lead clients through the federal, state and foundation grants process, providing strategy, advocacy, research, preparation and submission of professional grant applications. Our team has or currently works in federal and state government and possess extensive. At times, we marry that with our network of private funders and investment capital to get projects off the ground.

Envision offers the ability to work with clients and coordinate anchor institutions, federal agencies, and private sources of capital. Building on our P3 strategy, the team has acted as grant administrators, representatives for private companies, and coordinated the activity of every level of government, all the while leveraging grants to capitalize a project. We have experience in creating broad based coalitions of local entities to pursue broader grant applications and create direct interaction between our institutions, their communities, state and federal governments.

The Envision team has been successful for clients across industries, issue areas, and policy concerns:

  • Housing: Affordable, Senior, VA, International, and Student Housing
  • Workforce Development: Veterans Training Centers, Labor and Industry Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Transportation: TIGER, Infrastructure, Water and Waste Water Expansion
  • Health Care: Federally Qualified Health Care Centers, Community Health Care Centers
  • Education: Pre-School, After School Programs, K through 12, Higher Education
  • Tax Credits: Neighborhood Improvement, New Market Tax Credits, Workforce Development
  • USDA: Water Infrastructure, Economic Development, Fresh Food Initiative, Industrial Greenhouses
  • USAID: International Clean Water
  • Corrections: Private, State and Federal for Construction, Programming, Immigration, and Re-Entry
  • Local Government: Master Plan Development, Community Development, Real Estate
  • Non Profit: Program and Operational Funding