State Grants


To address our clients’ wide range of policy and budget challenges, Envision crafts strategies that are efficiently executed at the state level of government across several states.

Often times we are called upon to start from the ground up, first reviewing our clients’ key priorities and supporting them through project completion.  We first work through a selection process hand-in-hand with our clients, prioritizing potential projects and programs both by their likelihood of receiving grant dollars and our clients’ capability to be programmatically successful.  Following these strategic reviews, we work to match our clients with the most probable sources of funding at the state level, working through grant applications and responses, both solicited and unsolicited.  We marry these applications with expert political support with either state or federally elected officials, verbal outreach and generating support letters for projects.

The sheer volume of success for clients in the state grant world speaks for itself, with millions in public funding provided for our clients over the last several years at the state level.  We have secured these awards for municipalities, land grant universities, non-profits, and private entities.  A representative list of winning applications include the following from municipal work at the state level:

  • Coordinating the activity of local government, the local community college, a land grant institution, private developers and the Department of Veteran’s affairs, wrote and won multiple supporting grants for veteran’s housing and retraining project including:
    • $5 million in state RCap funds in partnership with Penn State University and Harrisburg Community College
    • $500,000 in Community Development Block Grant dollars through local municipalities
    • Also garnered dollars from the state educational VIPC program and Neighborhood Improvement Tax Credits
  • Wrote winning application for $8 million in state RCap funding for Restored Historic Building project for the Susquehanna Art Museum.
  • Supported an extensive economic redevelopment with Pittsburg’s East Liberty Neighborhood. We teamed with a private developer, non-profit community stakeholders, local government, and State Representatives to capture federal and state funds over 8 years to construct market rate multifamily properties and retail garnering $10 million through the Pennsylvania State RCap fund.
  • In New York State, our team secured unsolicited $1.2 million award disbursed over 4 years through the NYS Department of Labor for worker healthcare cost mitigation for an organized labor client.
  • Educated policymakers to engineer award from the Western New York Regional Economic Development Council for $500,000 in conjunction with a legislative allocation of $300,000 totaling $800,000 for Western New York Building and Construction Trades Worker Training Center.
  • In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, members of our team won state-wide competition to provide consulting services focused on financial management, good governance and restructuring of the entire State’s capital budget.